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Intrusive e-mail attacks by internet swindlers.
"Most AOL (America On-Line Subscribers) are stupid and gullible, so AOL sells their addresses to spam scammers. Only an idiot would fall for these schemes."
by j e walker April 28, 2003
Masturbation- female specific.
Evey time you go jackin' or jillin', God kills a kitten.
Think of the kittens.
by j e walker April 28, 2003
Intrusive programs downloaded into your computer when you visit certain disreputable web sites. They track your web surfing preferences and can be used to corrupt your computer or to generate spam mail or even to steal your credit card information.
If you are reading this site, your computer is infected with Adserver and FastClick
by J E Walker May 02, 2003
An individual who enhances his/her self worth by sexual contact with the perceived power figure in any given situation.
" Judy fucked the old boss, now she's fucking the new boss. She's a real star fucker."
by j e walker April 27, 2003
A sneeze that triggers a fart both continuing simultaneously.
" This ragweed pollen is a bummer. George sneefarted right in the teacher's face during study hall."
by J E Walker April 28, 2003
Variation of Pinkofagcommie. A weenie who is afraid that somewhere someone is doing what he pleases and enjoying life.
My commiepinko fag brother-in-law is founding president of Gay Communists Agaist God.
by J E Walker November 02, 2003
contraction of " Prosac" and "Dracula" -a nickname for office trouble maker who happens to be taking prosac for mental illness
"Better shut your office door. Prosacula's on a rampage today."
by J E Walker April 30, 2003
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