2 definitions by j burg

Someone who is prone to untimely and sometimes painfull shit pains, from which this person cannot restrain his or her bowels and is forced to soil themselves. Sometimes more than once. This can result in total embarrassment by the subjects parents especially if he or she goes home and needs a towel to enter the house and the parent refuses to get said towel without explanation.
His brother Chris, is the infamous Mr Poopy Pants of south jersey.
by j burg February 12, 2008
another way to explain having sex, or getting laid.
I'm always getting blue balls from this girl because she wont ever let me smack no cheeks.

damn son you smackin them cheeks.

i love smackin cheeks

i am the cheek smackin master.

Andrew must be gay he never smacks any cheeks.
by j burg March 20, 2009

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