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Rollins College, typically known as ROLLY COLLY where we pregame like you party and we live where you spring break. DUUHHHHSKIII!!! we know class and style better than your mother and shopping on park ave is the best. monday afternoons, you will see people out on a boat drinking, starting off the week right. classes get in the way of the real college experience... but we excel in everything we do. OBVIII. we are the number one college in the south for our MBA program umm and we are proud of it. going downtown is habit... antigua, big bellys, dragon room.. its endless. being tan is a necessity here.. dont come if you arent. woooo yay for rollins... no wait... YAYOOOOOO!!!!
flagler kid 1: "man i wish i went to rollins.. whyd we choose to go here??"
flagler kid 2: "dude i dont know... i wish we were as cool as those ATO guys.. we would get so many girls"
flagler kid 1: "MANNN i know... those kappa girls are always the hottest chicks around, i wish we could transfer... lets do it"
flager kid 2: "done"
by j'adore dior April 06, 2006

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