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Slang for the 510 area code.
Hey where you from?
the nickel and dime
by j November 19, 2003
Considered the best magazine in hip-hop in the late 80's early 90's. Now it is considered as the worst hip-hop magazine.( Mainly cause of Benzino.)
"Yo are you gonna get the next issue of The Source?" "I would but since Benzino controls it I'll go get the next issue of XXL."
by J April 18, 2005
really bad bad breath
I would date her, but she's got dragon breath.
by j February 14, 2005
A big let down; disappointment; An urban version of "Rain on my parade"

A favorite saying growing up in Michigan
Damn, I was about to bang this bitch and her parents had to come home and piss in my cornflakes!
by J April 27, 2004
The way detroit plays basketball and the reason we fuck over all other teams and are the champs.
Announcer: Ben wallace just dunked nasty.

by J May 24, 2005
the apperance of a boner formed by the coupling of the jeans in the croth area
dude, your joner is huge....i bet chicks dig it.
by J October 20, 2004
To date someone on a regular basis.
"Me and Fashinabobastif have been going out for months!"
by j July 08, 2003
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