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non derogatory racial phalism- reffering to a person not neccesarily Black - used in Rap songs because it rhymes with many other words.
I'm allways ready to pull a Triggah on a niggah if that niggah figahs he can fuck around with my crack figures.
by J Norman May 06, 2004
slang term- a gun that can be used and thrown away because it was relatively inexpensive.
I have a glock 9 but when I want to kill someone, I use a cheap throwaway 22 caliber rifle. Basically I pull up to a nigguz house and wait. Then I see him in the scope and I bust a round in his fuckin head. The rifle only cost $110 so I throw it away after I clean the fingerprints off.
by J Norman May 06, 2004
how to say HOLY SHIT in Chinese
Hey Chan, your car just got broken into !
by J Norman May 06, 2004
People who work for the US Government and scare the living shit out of people recieving Welfare.

Welfare Workers come to neighborhoods of low income, welfare recipients and they check people's homes and interview people to make sure they aren't scamming the federal government.

If you have a TV or a Microwave, the wefare worker might take it away from you. They even make sure you don't use too much electricity with multiple light bulbs.
HIDE THE SHIT ! The Welfare worker is on the block...don't let them see your Escalade!

The Welfare worker told Karen she could either go to school OR recieve welfare. She ain't never gettin outof College.
by J Norman May 06, 2004
how to say FUCK YOU in Mandarin Chinese
- Get out of my store, no soup for you !
by J Norman May 06, 2004
literally means OVERSEAS CHINESE.
Hua Cao is an insult that you can use against American Born Chinese people that insults their knowledge about their culture and their history.
My friend Jennifer Tan is a HUA CAO...she knows nothing about China except for what she sees on the News.
by J Norman May 06, 2004
A major SKIN BLEACHING Chemical that allows Asians and high-Yella Blacks get closer and closer to their dream of being White because of the White Supremacist racism in the world that says "White is Right and Black is Whack. "
I went to my dermatologist because I had hyperpigmentation of my skin (I was getting darker)...she prescribed me HYDROQUINONE so I can finally get Whiter.
Now If I can only find a white guy who likes Asian women.
by J Norman May 06, 2004

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