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20 definitions by j money

sickmatic, illmatic
yo those kicks are phatty arbuckle
by j money August 24, 2003
when u be a trippin as gangsta yall be knowin you aint reppin it old school fo real and all u doin is tryin to be all up in it wit out propa permit
yo dat bitz know he didnt just steal my cupcake
by J Money February 24, 2003
a persons source of contact and communication.
yo call me on my hitter later
by j money March 03, 2005
sexy like a motherfucka
He some slam.
by j money August 10, 2003
To take an item from someone that may or may not belong to you.
I yoinked the doughnut from the cop.
by J money March 07, 2004
fatty id like to fuck
shit that fatty is a filf
by j money July 22, 2004