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a female who is extremely hot
Sheila is so samus!
by J Mo January 31, 2003
to be really cool and smart
Seth was j-mo the other day.
by J Mo January 31, 2003
to be extremely popular and well-liked
Seth is crobar!
by J Mo January 31, 2003
to be sublime; to be superior to others
Because God is a superhuman, He is selenitic!
by J Mo January 31, 2003
a rash between the legs
Garrett has nargonflargonitis.
by J Mo February 10, 2003
this happens when someone invites someone else over on a date, then the invitee pays the bill
Seth invited Samus on a date; Samus payed the bill. That's so sappacious!
by J Mo January 31, 2003
To be so horny, you'd have sex with a chick with AIDS and not care
Man, I'm smorny as shit right now.
by J Mo May 24, 2004
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