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Politically correct name for member of the feline species.
" It appears that Yolanda died sometime last week and her thirty-odd felino-americans feasted on the corpse."
and: "The democrats are expecting a clean sweep after they promised to put crazy women's felino-americans on medicare."
by J E Walker April 29, 2003
The essence of femaleness or a bold assertion of essential feminism.
Short form: "Vagmo"
"With an overpowering display of vaginismo, Jane knocked Dick's penis in the dirt forever."
by J E Walker April 28, 2003
res gestae exclaimation
An automobile appears out of nowhere. you hit your breaks."SHIT AND A HAlF!"
by J E Walker April 28, 2003
fujimom'mid twentieth century expression of independence (fuck you jack. I'm my own man."
"Lets all go down and join the Million Mom's March!"
by J E Walker April 25, 2003
in medicine: "Get Out Of My Emergency Room" A filthy mental defective who shows up in the hospital ER
"The gomer came in and took a huge dump in the corner."
by j e walker April 28, 2003
Fucked Up Beyond All Repair
Alt: Fucked Up Beyond All Hope of Repair
Something that by design, modification or happenstance is completely fucked up and cannot be set right.
"Jimmy-Ray so clumsy he could fubar a blacksmith's anvil."
by J E Walker April 29, 2003
An anti-gun demonstration orchestrated by the Bell Campaign and other Marxist organizations.
Something under ten thousand angry moms and professional leftist demonstrators paraded in the Elipse. The number of protestors was somewhat less than anticipated.
by J E Walker September 09, 2003

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