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Roman diety associated with fertility. Represented by a life-sized male statue with a very large erection.
The statue of Priapus indicated that an orchard was nearby.
by J E Walker December 26, 2003
Latin- "comitas comitatis" noun:

A multi-legged creature with no brain.
The committee ordered Jugurtha thrown into the Well of the Comitas there to die a slow death.
by J E Walker July 01, 2003
The state or practice or a practioner of total lack of awareness or indifference to the universe at large or the effects of one's actions on those around him.
Obliviationists do not use rear view mirrors, turn signals and do not mind if other shoppers cannot get around them when the block the lanes in grocery stores and other public places.
by J E Walker November 20, 2003
in medicine- evidence of morbidity in that the mouth is wide open in the shape of an "O"
Q Sign- Extreme morbidity evidenced by the tongue handing out. in the shape of a "Q"
" that triage patient'll be giving the o sign pretty soon."
by j e walker April 28, 2003
A large and vocal black bird that likes to gather in large groups and take dumps.
Grackles lend themselves to certain recreational persuit chief among them, Greasing Grackles. eg;
"This morning, I greased three grackles with my Marlin 39a loaded With CCI mini-caps"
by J E Walker April 29, 2003
A dog. Obscure origines possibly deriving from the propensity of dogs to cheerfully eat their own excrement.
"Joe-Bob's old turd hound came a-loping out from under the porch with this shit-eating grin on his face."
by J E Walker April 29, 2003
explosive device packed into the rectum of a terrorist.
When the flight attendent saw the passenger hike his leg and flick the lighter, she though he was just lighting a fart like the pilots do.
by J E Walker November 13, 2003

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