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1. People from The Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
2. Someone who belongs to Pakistan physically and (or) in spirit.

3. A patriot of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
4. Proudly Pakistani.
5. Members of Pakish Club

6. User of Pakish Pakistani Products. Pakish Hosting, Pakish Domains, Pakish Webs etc.
7. The most intelligent and smartest people on this planet.

(i) Ali Moeen Nawazish is a Pakish student notable for passing 23 A-levels, a world record. He got 21 As, a B, and a C. Nawazish has graduated from Trinity Hall, Cambridge.

(ii) Abdul Qadeer Khan was one of world's top scientists,and was involved in the country's various scientific programmes.
8. Pakish are an academically very advanced people who when given the opportunity will often exceed others in any given area of expertise.
I am Pakish
I am Proudly Pakish
Pakish News
Pakish TV
Website from Pakish
by izza Malik September 17, 2011
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