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1. The sexual act where the girl ties the guy to the bed, blind folds him, turns the lights off and tells him he is in for some real kinky sex. She then opens the closet and lets out her gay best friend who goes to work on the guy; Blow jobs & anal. The dude gets off 'cause he has no idea what happened. This is most often initiated by either the worst girlfriend ever, or the best friend any gay dude could ever have.

2. Some song by a hobbit from New Hampshire
"Wow, Edgar's girl friend must really despise him."


"Because she gave him a Rainbow in the Dark last week and then told him about it! He's been in the fetal position ever since."

"But he loves Dio."

"No! Read definition #1!"

"Holy crap, I dated that same chick last Summer! I just thought she was kinky... I suddenly feel ill."
by izod13 October 04, 2007
One who denounces something as being gay even when it is obvious that the denouncer is clearly contradicting his own thoughts and emotions.

This technique is most often deployed by the complexed/no-one-understands-me hipster/artist type with the motive of making others ponder “Wow, he thinks everything is gay, what DOES he like? He’s so mysterious! Whatever he is into, it must be fascinating!”

The Hanley will often discover that their technique is ineffective, resulting in the hanley’s peers thinking that he is a dick... but then again who isn't?
SNYDER: Are you going to see Slayer this weekend?
MARK: Slayer is gay, i will never go see them.
SNYDER: What the hell is wrong with you! You told me that Reign In Blood was one of your favorite albums!
MARK: Whatever.
SNYDER: Why must you always be such a hanley?!?! I'm going douse you with lighter fluid and set you on fire.
TOMARAYA: This conversation is so fucking gay!
HALFORD: Hey Mark buddy, do me a favor and lick that santorum of my thigh before it drips onto the comforter
MARK: No way dude, that is so gay
HALFORD: Whatchoo talkin’ about? You were all about it last night!
MARK: Yeah, well that was before I realized you enjoyed it.
HALFORD: Stop being a hanley.
by izod13 January 23, 2008

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