3 definitions by izakt

1. It's what you get when you mix a cat with a llama.

2. Something you yell \ say when you have nothing else to say or there is an awkward silence.

(The plural term for llamakat is llamakatz)
1. A. "Hey guys, look at me, I'm riding a llama!"
B. "Oh yeah, well look at me, I'm riding a cat!
C. "OLook at me, I'm riding a llamakat!"
A & B. "Oh my god, it's two times the greatness. You get a llama and a cat all in one animal! Lucky ..."

2. A. "So, I found out that I'm pregnant with your kid ..."
B. "..."
by izakt January 12, 2009
an abbreviation for "bored like all hell"
person1: What do you want to to today?
person2: I don't know. I'm blah.
by izakt March 01, 2008
The at home cat massage technique that will have your cat saying ME-OHHH YEAH!
Uneducated Person: "What are you doing to your cat?"

Educated Person: "Two finger pussy dancing! The two finger pussy dance is the only way to MAKE YOUR OLD PUSSY PURR LIKE A KITTEN AGAIN!"
by izakt July 13, 2011

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