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3 definitions by izack L

a very poor neighbourhood in mississauga, it is full of crack dealers, crack heads (vic/marianne) and every single type of brown person on the planet.
Home to one of the best bars in canada, sijan plaza restaurant where you can find your friendly neighbourhood crack dealers.
mississaugas rendition of regent park. 5 and 10 is like a little malvern(scarborough)
by izack L May 23, 2008
the best beach in the world!
hey lets go to wasaga, no lets go to sauble theres no gino's there!
by izack L September 26, 2008
a poverty stricken area north of toronto full of hicks, skids, and unemployed white trash, also known as the trailer park capital of ontario. people are fond of marrying their cousins in orillia and in some cases even their sisters.
twin cities to keswick ontario.
There is a dirty lake there that many of the native have used as a dumping ground for centuries. The lake is dead, no fish or vegitation due to the high levels of pollution.
lets go to orillia for the weekend! no, lets go to detroit or cleveland instead.
by izack L May 23, 2008