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When one man inserts a portable pocket vagina into another man's rectum and has sexual intercourse through it. It is often considered to be a heterosexual act because, if done correctly, will result in no skin-to-skin contact.
My friend Tom Cruise and I struck out at the bar, so we decided to friendship sock to fulfill our drunken sexual urges.
by iyaoyasao2 June 06, 2010
Taking a Tyrone refers to when you have to take a really large shit and you pretend it's a large dicked black man named Tyrone pulling his cock out of you as the turd slides out. This is considered heterosexual because you're only pretending that a large dicked black man named Tyrone is pulling his monster cock out you instead of it this act actually taking place.
The really large shit that I just took felt like a large dicked black man named Tyrone pulling his meat out of me. I wish that every shit I took, felt like I was taking a Tyrone!
by iyaoyasao2 December 23, 2010
The poop that's left over on the tip of your cock after you've fucked and gaped out a girls booty hole.
When I got done banging that girl in the ass, I had a massive Poop Cone left over on the tip of my cock.
by iyaoyasao2 February 19, 2010

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