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A beautiful and sexy girl who can tell the difference between who is legit, and who is faking. Ethnic and mysterious, though it may not show. With great hair and a rocking body, she is irresistible. Always with many true (and legit) friends at her side, she paves through un-discovered ground, and is free to taking risks. She is a daredevil, and is fun to be around. People will cling to her spunky and humorous aura like mosquitos to a lantern. An amazing dancer, with spirt and sass, guys cannot stay away. She is a real sweetie sometimes, and quite affectionate, with an awesome booty.
Guy: Hey did you see Nomes out there?
Other guy: Hell yeah! She was rocking it!
Another guy: She is such a sweetie though, once you get to know her!
Guy: Introduce me to her please!!!
by iwasbornthiswaybaby June 20, 2011
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