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Preppy, comes from the word Prep, which is short for a College Preporatory School. Most of the deffs for this word are pretty off. I myself coming from a very affluient area and going to a prep school sure as hell knows what preppy is. People who wear only lacoste, polo, vineyard vines shirts, ect. are people who are trying way to hard to be "preppy". A true prep is one that dosent really care that much, because they dont need to show that they have money in that way. There is a big difference between old money and new money. New money preps are the ones who really make an effort to be preppy and show off money, which is pretty lame. Old money preps, dont have to try as hard and probubly have enough class not to be assholes about how they dress. New money preps where clothing such as the newest and best colored shirts in all colors styles ect. They were ribbon belts and there rainbows. Older money preps dont really need to make a stand that they are preppy, because they know they are and dont have to prove any sort of point. They wear more laid back clothing, more of older colored shirts they have had for a while, there worn out sevens and ralph lauren chinos possible with holes. An older money prep isnt as gay and as snooty looking as a new money. New money preps are people who have had there summer houses in the hamptons, nantucket, hyannis port, block island for the last decade. Older money preps have had there houses out there through generations and actually appereciate the place and keep it on the dl that they even go out there. Preppy people that truley love skiing have houses outwest rather than VT. Out west is where the skiing is at.. such as Aspen, Jackson Hole, and Sun Valley. Preps in general are usually good in athletes because boarding schools have pretty competitive teams. The best sports for them are lax,field hockey,tennis,skiing, and golf. Your not a true prep unless your actually good at the sports and not just say you are to sound cool. Many people try to pretend they are preppy by over doing the whole look....not cool.... Stores that think they are preppy are american eagle and abercrombie which has pretty shitty clothing. Preppy people usually have class and good manners, hopefully if you are preppy you can carry on an intellectual conversation about anything. To be a preppy person, have class, and not brag about money. is a good thing. there is a fine line between wanna be preps and true preps.
wannabe preppy girl: collored shirt with cable nit cashmere sweater over. Pearl. CK bradley belt. nantucket reds, that are not really from Murrys.The new gold jack rogers. Northface jacket.
= trying way to hard
chill prep= old rugby shirt, jeans (pref worn) no belt, pearl earrings ..ok. hoodie with college or prep school name on it.--mt hardware fleece.
-dosent really care
-----and for guys.... u decide
by iwasboardok? November 21, 2005

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