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(can also be spelled "yung" for added effect.)

1. (adj.) a word to put in front of any noun. this gives the original word more definition. putting "young" in front of a noun makes it 10x better. usually put in front of a work to describe how badass something is
1. Yea d00dz, lets go to the mall and get us some young v.

2. Lets go smoke that young cig.
by ivelostyourhope January 25, 2008
1. (n.) a way to desribe that something completely awesome.

2. (v.) to completely own or, pwn if you will.
1. We're all going to whitecastle! It's gonna be RAPE!

2. I do not play video games myself, but some of my friends RAPE at Halo.
by ivelostyourhope January 25, 2008
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