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2 definitions by iv

an expression of immediate dismission. Usage is aimed at perplexing the current speaker and interrupting their train of thought in an attempt to cease the conversation at hand.
Speaker 1: "I was talking to my boss the other day about the latest executive summary reports and..."
Speaker 2: "Ninibaba!!"
Speaker 1: "huh?"
Speaker 1: "Now what was I just saying?"
Speaker 2: " I don't know, I forgot. I gotta go."
by iv April 15, 2005
the noise that all animals make
seals, moose's, bees (in their heads), cows, sheep, dogs, alligators, horses, small rodents, the mentally disabled, dragons, unicorns, pigeons, old doors, rabbits, dolphins, various bacteria, insects, brick houses made before 1983, brooms, noses, frogs, some windows but not all, computers, Chris, Jesus, baby moles when the moon is full and telephone poles (maaaah)
by IV March 20, 2012