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Someone who is gay... term commonly used in Germantown Massachusetts.
Pat is such a jobba, he likes it up the ass.
by itza secret August 10, 2003
1. The ghetto of Quincy.
2. Nicknamed G*Town.
I live in Germantown!
by itza secret August 08, 2003
The MBTA bus route into Germantown.
PERSON: When da nex 214 b at?
MBTA PERSON: Fuckin' 2:17 am. Follow the drunk guy.
PERSON: Fuckin' no! I'm gon kick u honky ass!
MBTA PERSON: No. Please refrain.
PERSON: White mans excuses.
MBTA PERSON: I am so sorry.
PERSON: White mans apologies.
PERSON: But I still ain't got my 40 acres an mule.
*214 pulls up. PERSON & drunk guy get on and drive to Germantown.*
by itza secret August 08, 2003
Fucking Ugly Retarded Bitch
Desire and Amanda are both such furbs. I hate them.
by itza secret August 10, 2003

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