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2 definitions by itumac

Demotion + Cubicle = Demoticle. A new seating arrangement at a job that results in an even less desirable seating arrangement. A new cubicle with less room, less privacy and in a crappier location. A new seating arrangement that diverges from your perceived value at a company. A new seating arrangement that apparently matches your value in a company.
We moved to the 6th floor and I was put in a Demoticle! I'm next to "Loud Larry" and the freight elevator. I guess I know where I stand around here.
by Itumac May 14, 2010
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n. A career going straight to the bottom. The reverse of a "Geffen".

v. A career busting work related move that distance's oneself from success.

A reference to David Geffen who rose from the mailroom to running a mega-successful entertainment company.
Remember Pete the sales manager? He's an affiliate marketer now. What a neffeg!

Man, my drunken ramble to the VP really neffeged my promotion.
by itumac June 02, 2010
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