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1 definition by itsmadefromyourmomschesthair

An extensive college course that teaches you absolutely nothing useful. After taking this course, if you did it right, you'll be able to explain cellular respiration and how plants essentially have sex. Though if people asked about these subjects, they'd think you're really smart, the truth is that no one gives a shit so unless you're an AP slut and bring up these topics in daily conversations, this class is yet another example of a completely useless course that everyone takes solely to impress colleges who really shouldn't give a damn. And if you're an AP slut, you deserve a SLAP (get it ? slut + AP = SLAP?)
"Hey this salad is reaaally good. You want some?"
"Nah I'm good, I think my mitochondria have enough glucose from my breakfast to continue with cellular respiration. Thanks though."
"Daa fuck?!"
"Oh you want to know more of this useless, boring information? You should take AP Biology with me."
"You're such an AP slut!"
"Speaking of AP's, do you know the difference between monocots and dicots? Well let me tell you..."
by itsmadefromyourmomschesthair April 25, 2011