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Rhodi, abreveation of Rhodri. Also spelt Rodi, Roddy, or Rodri. A welsh boys name. Often male but female on occasion. Most Rhodi's are annoying and irritating. If one of 2 or more children Rhodi is often the favoured one and despised by the sibling(s). Rhodi is a funny character and has also been known to be associated with someone who lacks friends.
PERSON 1: I feel sorry for that guy over there
PERSON 2: Why?
PERSON 3: Nobody really likes him, he's a bit Rhodi.
by ItsAMeMario June 09, 2013
A person who likes to keep his or her own money, rather than giving it to people who waste it, as they claim to be putting it to good use. Also, people who have moral fiber trying to help others see what is immoral and aid them in becoming moral. A political party who wants things to be fair to everyone, not fair to only the lower class but fair to all. A party that promotes business because business is what makes the world run. A political party that isnt even close to perfect, but is leaps and bounds above the leading competitor (democrats)
Due to my republican views, i hate all other entries in this string.
by itsamemario May 15, 2005

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