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A fart which leaves a little present behind, like Christmas in your pants.
I shouldn't have eaten so many beans last night, I just did a Christmas fart! Gotta go wash up!
by itsamamaluigi February 02, 2005
The face you make when you make poopies.
by itsamamaluigi March 09, 2010
The presence or visibility of clam, aka pussy. Similar to boobage. Often used when a chick moons someone and isn't careful enough about holding her cheeks together, thus allowing you to see the clam between her legs.
"A chick mooned me last night!"
"Sweet, was there any clammage?"
by itsamamaluigi July 23, 2009
1. "There, fixed that for you." Used on message boards when you quote someone but change what they said to make it funny or true.

2. "Titty fuck titty fuck yeah!" Used in anticipation of or when describing the act of titty fucking.
Person A: I ate some steak last night, it was so good!
Person B: "I ate some cock last night" - Person A
Person A: >:(

I'm meeting Laura tonight and she's got double Ds! TFTFY!
by itsamamaluigi May 12, 2009

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