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2 definitions by its ya boy

drunk, intoxicated by liquor
niggas was cookin like a muthafucka last night
by its ya boy October 20, 2004
1. Traditionally an Indian name that means "Saint."

2. In reality, Rooshi is the name given to one whose aptitude at life far exceeds that of his peers, bar few. Scratch that, bar none. His stature and muscle tone is similar to that of Zeus and Ares, and he will most likely have slept with a similar amount of women as the afore-mentioned deities by the time he has reached the age of twenty-four years and seven months.
Girl 1: OMG. Who is that?
Girl 2: Who? The one sword-battling Satan with one hand?

Girl 3: And throat-punching Maxine Hong Kingston with the other?
Girl 4: While lighting his bro's bong between punches?
Girl 5: All while walking on water?
Girl 1: Yeah!
Girl 6: That's Rooshi. He's a pretty nice guy.
by Its ya boy March 10, 2014