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refers to anyone who attempts to pull off the "thug" look when it is not his/her normal look, or a failed attempt by someone even if it is his/her normal look.
Christina Aquilera and Justin Timberlake have been so thug mrs. lately, with the jerseys and sideways cocked hats.
by itoldyousomaster November 14, 2004
1. A person with an innate and often unintentional ability to ignore common sense
2. A person generally lacking foresight in suspicious or sketchy situations
1. (verb)By going to that party where everyone was getting high, despite the fact his freinds told him not too, and ending up passed out in the gutter the next day, he was so voni.
2. She totally pulled a voni by making out with that homeless old man who ended up giving her scabies.
by itoldyousomaster November 14, 2004
Refers to an episode of "Driven" in which Jessica Simpson was abnormally thin at 102 lbs--used to refer to a someone looking incredibly thin or too thin for her/his frame.
"That photo of you was so 102!"
"She's lost so much went she looks 102."
by itoldyousomaster November 14, 2004

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