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Groinball is a game with a rich tradition. It was invented by the Japanese shortly after the second world war, but stolen by the white man and brought back to America, where it was developed into the modern game we all love. Two teams of two compete in Groinball. Two opposition players face each other inside a box marked on the ground and place their hands on each others' shoulders whilst their respective partners stand behind them. The object is for the players outside of the box to bounce tennis balls between their team mate's legs so that they hit the opponent in the groin. The game is scored much like boxing in that points are given for hits (2X points for friendly fire) and the match ends after a pre-determined period or through a KO (defined as a player crumbling and hitting the floor).
That was a fine game of groin ball, but it has left my nuts raw and tender
by itisipotman October 04, 2007

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