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Bullys are one of two people: 1. The often unintelligent bully who picks on people, but they really arn't bad. they are usually ok guys but arn't that smart and easily manipulated. 2. Then you have the rare intelligent bully. Hes the crazy one. He is usually the one telling the unintelligent bully what do to. These guys are often sadistic and a socialpath. If only the unintelligent bullys would think for a minute (i know its hard, just try!) then they can relize that what there doing is bad, they could turn around and beat the living shit outta the smart sadistc ones, and protect the smaller, weaker kids.

somekid: no please man i havnt done anything to you!

Bully#2 good bully now excuse me im going to manipulate more ppl and use my intelligence for evil. by the way if u see a lock box with severed fingers in it...let me know.

bullys(so i had to say that cuz urban wont let me not)
by itickleballs August 17, 2007

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