25 definitions by itichie_nocanpoo

crop pickers in mexifornia ( AKA California )
mexican labor no wash hands after handling La Jolla's. not to worry it all gets recycled, comes out in the draft.
by itichie_nocanpoo June 09, 2006
mexican fighter uses boxing gloves and eats lots Chile !
I'm a retired mexican fighter, my father is a retired mexican fighter. I just found out my dad has diarrhea.
now I'm a slap happy mexi with a crap happy daddy no mas hot-a-leta chiles for me! does it get better than this?
by itichie_nocanpoo June 09, 2006
card game that all mexicans like to play. In mexico they play mostly near liquor stores.
In Los Angles a maxican man walks into a liquor store and asks where is the game? another man points to sign on back wall. sign said. " Liquor up front mexican poker in rear "
by itichie_nocanpoo June 09, 2006
Poor mans casa. built above ground in iron wood trees.
sid took a wife. being poor built a mexican house in a Palo Verde tree. It was a 2 holer ( holes on each side of bed). Sid and wife were lazy mexicans when they took a dump they just kicked hard stuff out of bed & down the hole.
by itichie_nocanpoo June 09, 2006
any mexican south of canada
mexican yankee sat under a tree pulling his wankee. I voice came down from canada said " son if u make juce fly u die". Now that mexican yankee ran all the way back to mexico city just so he can pull his wankee in peace.
by itichie_nocanpoo June 13, 2006
empty bottle of beer and a whore without a hole
there will be no mexicans in hell because they are such good people and mexican hell is a bad place.
by itichie_nocanpoo June 11, 2006
shorts made from old baggie pants. without underwear. cut them 6 inches down from la jolla's, lots of bleach wash many times. short pants must be loose. Note! tip of your wee wee must not hang below line where pants were cut. Police lock you up so amigos do it right.
summer time beaches my mexican shorts on pulled down so my butt crack shows. Fine americanos women laying on sand I walk up stand by their head say "nice day girls" I pull up shorts about 2 inches while talking. when they smile I look away (you dont want them to know that you know they are looking at your member.) I say "in california all the people are nice people". I love california girls someday get a job.
by itichie_nocanpoo June 11, 2006
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