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6 definitions by itchy corn

The drops of semen deposited on a girls stomach after ejaculation
I left an order of stomach pancakes on Sally.
by itchy corn April 15, 2003
the corn hole. In other words, your ass hole
Ron licked Monkey Boys dirt button after she shaved her face.
by itchy corn April 15, 2003
liqui-shit, the color and consistency of coffee. See butt vomit.
I had a raging case of butt coffee last night. My ass is raw from wiping
by itchy corn April 16, 2003
A plumped up mans genitals.
A boner.
An erection.
Sally slurped on my chicsicle before I inserted it into her dirtbutton.
by itchy corn April 19, 2003
(N)of or pertaining to the bung hole.
When she bent over, I had 2 holes to choose from; the snatch or the clay eye.
by itchy corn March 30, 2005
a dump.
I dropped wolf bait at Ron's
by itchy corn April 15, 2003