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When you wish happy birthday to mere acquaintances who are your friends on facebook solely because their birthday is shortly before yours. You do this because you want them to return the birthday wish and increase your birthday wall posts. If their birthday was any other time you would not even consider it.
Loser: Why didn't you wish me happy birthday yesterday? I wrote on your wall last week on your birthday.

Non-loser: I don't even know you loser, you were obviously just birthday wish fishing.
by itaub1 December 15, 2009
An invitation to party via text message. One should not feel as socially obligated to attend as they would be if they were invited by mail or over the phone.
Kyle: "yo, you going to amanda's party? its going to be lame ass!"

Steve: "no way man, she only sent me a textitation, that bitch actually called you!"
by itaub1 November 13, 2008
When an employee abuses their lunch break and either uses the corporate card to pay, or takes extra time and later claims it was a business lunch.
You gotta love worker's chomp, today I was out from 11-3 while i told my boss i was meeting a client for lunch. to top it off, i paid for me and my mistress on the corporate card!
by itaub1 May 18, 2009
'Fucked in the ass' list. A list of people or things that have pissed you off and you would to see them fucked in the ass in retribution. May or may not be a physical list.
Ive had enough of you. Congratulations, you just made my fita list.
by itaub1 December 31, 2009
The value of sandwich bread, irrespective of what is in the actual sandwich. One may buy a sandwich for the bread alone and dispose of what's inside.
Tyrell: Dude, why would u buy hot dog and throw it out a second later?? Why the hell would u save the bun?!

Mo: I only bought it for the bun value, Im gonna use the bun to eat my chicken
by itaub1 February 16, 2010
A game to break up a boring or awkward moment by punching someone in the butt, usually an innocent bystander. After you punch them you proclaim, "punch in the butt!"
frank: what a wast of time why am i here? Ow! what the hell man?!

Billy: Punch in the butt!
by itaub1 August 31, 2010
Fear of large breasted women. (Not to be confused with Arachnophobia, fear of spiders)
Jason: Check out the tits on that blonde over there! you shud go talk to her!

Neal: I cant dude, I suffer from aracknophobia

Jason: Either that or your just gay
by itaub1 July 14, 2009
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