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va te faire foutre. a french insult, meaning GTFO (get the fuck out)
-tu me file de l'argent?

traduction: can i have some money?
by itachi san1 November 05, 2007
a famous runescape pker with 60 attack and 99 strength. he belongs to the clan mayhem makers
... i spiili i -.- i don't know if an example exists for such a definition :/
by itachi san1 November 05, 2007
A word used to highlight some huge gramatical/spelling mistakes.
Guy 1: Ohai, on fait quoi maintenant??
Zomby01: Allait, on vat a la kao élaimentalle.
Guy1: Omfg, zombyed....
by itachi san1 November 30, 2009
Bunch of nerds who not only can not pk, but also suck at skilling.
Guy 1: Hey dude wanna come Pk ?
Lazhaar: wesh pute nègre, naan la je dois aller faire des games pour mon 99 construction t'as vu, et après pause Kebab. Mais si tu veux on trick et... OUIIIII BRAWLING GLOVES HUNTER!!!!
Guy1:..................09 skiller..........................
by itachi san1 December 18, 2009
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