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Explosive, extremely liquidy diarhrea often coupled with intense stomach pain, splash back, and more. Frequently tricks you into thinking your done and just as you zip your pants, the urge returns. Abbreviated RBP.
Tony: Man, you were in there for a while. I thought I heard you flush?
Hank: Ruckus butt pee man. It'll get ya.
by isuzyou February 01, 2011
What the fever is the P.C. way of saying What the fuck ever.
Classically, WTF translates to What the Fuck. Toss the ever on the end, and you've got WTFever. Break it down now, What the fever. P.C.
Sue: Hey Betty, if you eat that entire pint of ice cream you're gonna gain five lbs.
Betty: What the fever, this is delicious.

Jon: You want another shot, man?
Bob: what the fever. I'm down.
by isuzyou March 25, 2011

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