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proper noun - the god of all guitar players, plays in the fuckin' greatest band of this universe (yes, even on Pluto). he is unberably tempting and is known to make anyone looking at him HOT, has a head of gorgeous hair that a majority of the time falls in front of his equally beautiful eyes..
nick Valensi, meet me in the bathroom!
by isthisit?thisisit August 11, 2004
the band that knows what's up and has mastered music to perfection, write greatest songs that u can play over and over and never EVER get sick of ..oRgAsm X 5 with jules, fab, nick, nicko and albert all looking perfect in every minute. orginiating in New York-my hometown!! the band everyone wants to party with..and never stop
five, goofy, gorgeous guys who love eachother and show it! u gotta love that..
by isthisit?thisISit August 11, 2004

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