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a large city filled with people who have too much town pride for the disgusting shithole they live in. the air can give you lung fungus, and females cannot walk five feet down Union street without being accosted by fat, horny Mexicans in search of a good time. the population continues to grow because of the plentifulness of weed and meth, bringing in at least ten immagrant drug addicts from LA everyday. it's unbearably hot in the summer because this is, indeed, hell, and bitingly cold in the winter because Satan is cheap and never pays the heating bill so PG&E gets pissed and shuts off the heat. if you should ever have the misfortune of coming here, stay far away from Oildale unless you wish to have you nostrils assaulted by the scent of weed and taco meat.
Girl: Hey we're in Bakersfield
Boy: Shit..... I always knew I was going to hell
by istabyoudie April 12, 2011

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