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the best anime series ever created. If you haven't watched it by now, you've missed out on a great part of life.
seiya, ikki, shun, yoga, shiryu and the others must protect goddess athena from danger.
by israel migdalski June 09, 2005
In runescape, a party in whoch players invited or uninvited drop and try to get stuff off the ground. it's mostly filled with noobs..
hey lets have a drop party, but if too many noobs come in start dropping burnt fish... (yea it's a bad example i no. =p)
by israel migdalski May 19, 2005
one of the top players in runescape this guy raised 40 lvl of woodcutting in less than 24 hours, he didnt use bots either. He should get some recgonition.
omfg this i love rey, 6.1.9 time!!!!
by israel migdalski April 16, 2005
A british punk band in the 70's that had an unordinary and melodic approach to music of its kind. The band later slipt to form the enigmatic "death in june" which has basically fucked up songs about the holocaust and other obscure subjects. Crisis, in my opinion, was an overall great band.
songs by crisis:
* pc1984
* holocaust
* uk
* white youth
by israel migdalski November 19, 2005

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