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more specifiacall y, boner. whose a girl. which is gross
a girl at our school is a yagata!
by isolatedcatholicschoolgirls May 27, 2004
A place where we all hang out and also see above definition too. It's a stairwell, not a butt.
Let's go to Keegan's Hole!
by IsolatedCatholicSchoolgirls May 17, 2004
I hate paul muldoon and mr "foxy!" evan too!!!!! ur the pervert!!lol
im too foxy for my dance, too foxy for my dance, raines im gonna leave u
by IsolatedCatholicSchoolgirls May 16, 2004
an inside joke about Wilde men and poets. ie crouching tiger, hidden oscar <meyer weinner>.
see above duh!
by IsolatedCatholicSchoolgirls May 13, 2004
A code name for a person we don't like aka N.W. lol
There's bubbles bikechain talking bout cows again...sigh
by IsolatedCatholicSchoolgirls April 29, 2004
a word used by Carlie R. to describe anyone she was talking to al last night. pretty dumb. lol
"U fuggly bizitch, heheheheh!"
by IsolatedCatholicSchoolgirls May 16, 2004
a stupid boy, Dill.
Aka Kill Dill, Peeboy, and other names.
He's realllllllyyyyy annoying.
He pisses me off...>_>
by isolatedcatholicschoolgirls February 18, 2005

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