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I cum Miracle Whip

I whip Miracle Cum
Miracle cum I whip
Whip my Miracle cum
by isochronismisms! June 18, 2009
what you get when you fart in the middle of class and everybody knows it's you, yet you still blame it on your smelly neighbor.
we give justin farthate every day for his buttbonding in english class.
by isochronismisms! May 30, 2009
to literally occur at the same time; to occur at equal time intervals. From the Greek root iso.
Johnny: Did you hear about when n0valyfe and zezima clashed for the #1 ranking on LOLrunescape, isochronously?
decent kid: uhh...no.

Johnny: u a noob!
decent kid: the only good part of this conversation was the fact that you used the word "isochronously."
Johnny: u didn't responz to my insult!

decent kid proceeds to shoot Johnny in his cerebellum and give him a good kick in the nuts in an isochronous manner.
by isochronismisms! May 30, 2009
The term to use when you tear the tab off your can of pop before you're done drinking it, which gives you an urge to stick your tongue in the newly-made hole while drinking it.

Your tongue eventually gets an uncomfortable cut from rubbing against the sharp edges and touching the aluminum tab that hangs down in the can of pop, and you get tab-scratchers.
You: Hey, what's wrong?

Person: Gah, my tongue is killing me! I stuck it in the hole of my vintage Pepsi Throwback and now I'm stuck with this cut! Ahh, it hurts so bad!

You: Yeah, I know how it feels to have tab-scratchers.
by isochronismisms! June 16, 2009
When your Vista's:

a) Internet Explorer stops working for no apparent reason, and then your internet turns to crap for the next approaching 1 - 3 days


b) takes an uncomfortably long amount of time to log in, only to leave you with an "incorrect password" message.
Tom: Why haven't you logged in to Facebook since Monday? They did maintainance, and now it isn't a complete ripoff of Twitter! I can actually stand the UI now!

Dan: Dang vista-ruptions!
by isochronismisms! June 03, 2009
what you get when you don't fart for an uncomfortably long time and then you leak a real flabby one.
tanner unleashed his daily buttbonding and proceeded to be showered with farthate from everybody in the zumba class.
by isochronismisms! May 30, 2009
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