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A mixture of sperm and mucus. Usually very disgusting and slobbery. Often seen in pornographic films.
The spewcus was dripping off his member as she gave him a blowjob.
by Ish April 13, 2005
A wild carpet munching homosexual creature located of off the Northern coast of Alaska
Fred, look at that Massimi!
by Ish March 12, 2003
One who is both "fuzzy" and named "ish". Usually refers to a graphic designer, but that is not guaranteed. (Not to be confused with other small rodents, ishabunnies are a rare breed. Only one is known to exist in the wild.)
If you go out in the woods today you're in for a big surprise! You may encounter the only known ishabunny - when you least expect it! =:)
by Ish September 29, 2004
being a dumbass in general
Dating one's ex's roommate is so ish.
by iSH December 03, 2002
adidas shoes
I got shell toes on I don't wear them Tims ~Knoc-Turn'Al~
by Ish March 16, 2004
a dirty mexican that stinks like shit and wears makeup and dances vanda
omg that fucking vanda is gay - fucking mojos
by Ish September 28, 2004
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