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A person who religiously identifies as a Christian but dislikes creeds and religious exclusion in general, has Open Communion, embraces views of salvation that emphasize social and personal transformation as more important than some after-death status conferred by God onto the individual, views the social and moral teachings of Christ as integral to his role as Redeemer of the world, doubts or rejects Biblical inerrancy, is open to panentheistic, pantheistic, and deistic notions of God, and/or is generally allergic to anything that smacks of fundamentalism. Liberal Christians tend to be in mainline Protestant denominations. Liberal Christians are not necessarily liberal in politics, though many of them are. Listening to Christian rock music does not make one a liberal Christian.
The first liberal Christian whose liberal religion I respected was a highschool classmate of mine. We were talking about homosexuality, and she reminded me that among the many things forbidden in the New Testament is that vain and haughty aberration of braided hair on women (which you will find in 1 Timothy 2:9).
by irsage April 13, 2011

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