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A person who is overly cynical just to be cynical and in turn a miserable person
I hate smartphones if they're the future then I want to die.
Hey dude smartphones keep people connected lighten up!
Screw you dude! smartphones are for losers
So the smartphone hater is a knocker
by ironicbliss August 05, 2011
A British food stuffs delicacy. Made up of pigs liver and other offal. Often accompanied with chips (deep fried potato slices normally thicker cut than French fries) and peas.
Fish and chip shops. Are take away restaurants in the UK serving a variety of foods like meat pies cod and faggots
by ironicbliss August 06, 2011
The act of kissing some other persons butt. To be sycophantic
One puckers ones lips in preparation to kiss butt. Which could be full of muck.
Jeeze talk about puckermuckering the boss. He so wants a raise or promotion.
by ironicbliss August 05, 2011

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