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The best triligy (containing 5 books) in the world. IT recently became a major motion picture which totally butchred and americanized the plot , but still was decent. By the kurt vonaget of the 20th century. Totally rocks , a great read. amazing
i just read the hitchikers guide to the galaxy, i look at the world in a totally new way now
by irockusuck69 June 26, 2005
1.to indure massive amounts of painful boredom, while watching an iratating little child for a set amount of time. reward is generally monetary. Pay is great in DE
2. (VERY RARE)to be alowed to participate in the emenslly enjoyable sport of sitting on young children.
i am going to babysit for 3 hours i will get $12 i return

Will you PLEASE let me babysit?
by irockusuck69 June 26, 2005
1. a candy bar
2. teh day on which you get paid
3. an erection
4. to blow your load
i was eating a Payday tm on payday, when i say this beutiful body, so i got an emidiate payday. I walked over, found out she was a hore, so i bought her services. 3 mins latter i paydayed
by irockusuck69 June 26, 2005
a school in wilmington DE for rich prep kids, where to apply it costs $40.00, and they dont even put the tuition on the front page, on of those things where if you have to ask then you cant afford it
WFS, the school i go to, a scary place, bleh
by irockusuck69 June 26, 2005
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