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3 definitions by irishpunk84

Originating from the popular breakfast platter, the Grand Slam, it is the act of a male wrapping his dick in bacon, biscuits, and sausage links, and using egg yolk as lube, then shoving it into someone's ass repeatedly while pouring syrup down their back and screaming "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!"
Becky, I was going to make breakfast, but when I opened the fridge, I realized I had used all of the breakfast food to grand slam it up your ass last night.
by irishpunk84 July 09, 2010
When a homosexual performs a sexually explicit action or makes a verbal comment that results in a straight man having to walk away instead of punching the homosexual in the face.
After my gay friend deep throated his french fries I had to walk away and wave the white fag.
by irishpunk84 July 02, 2010
When two people, usually homosexuals, get together and place their fingers in each other's anus, then place the affected finger in their partner's mouth, at which point it is licked like a popsicle on a hot summer's day.
Tommy and Larry skipped dessert so they would have room for finger popsicles after sex.
by irishpunk84 July 09, 2010