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2 definitions by irishguy29407

To stimulate a female's genitals using one's finger(s). A reference to the motion of dialing a land line telephone in the era before touch tone phones came into common use.
Penelope wasn't being too amorous last night and I thought I might not get laid, but after I reached into her panties and rotary dialed her, she begged me to mount her so of course I obliged.
by irishguy29407 February 05, 2012
A bar or other gathering place which has a reputation as a spot where hot girls with big breasts frequently congregate to show off their copious cleavage to admiring male patrons.
Guy # 1: Hey bro, wanna head out to Jake's Bar and Grill tonight?

Guy # 2: Hell yes, dude. That place is the Tit Hall of Fame!
by irishguy29407 September 14, 2012