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When one pulls his foreskin over the tip of the penis and twist ties it shut, then jacks off till the foreskin is full of cum. Next step is to find an unexpecting person sitting on a bench,or chair or just in spray range, pull penis out and let the twist tie loose and explode the cum all over the face of the person.
I woke up one morning and decided to give my sister an explosive anteater for breakfast!
#anteater #booty #cum #penis #face #person
by irish cockfoot August 04, 2010
When one cuts tip of penis off, plugs into sex partners asshole, then put the headless shaft into the vag.
I rode over to my girls house slap her in the mouth then gave her the best headless oscar she ever got.!
#oscar #headless #penis #cock #vag
by irish cockfoot August 04, 2010
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