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A word that can describe something as outstanding, really cool, eye catching, brutal and satisfying
"Your eyes look really fierce in this photo" - Tyra Banks
"That party was really fierce" - Slightly dramatic people
"That KFC was fierce!" - Hungover people
by Irish 1990 July 30, 2009
After a very heavy night out, you wake up round your friends and need greasy food to sort out your hangover, so it's time for a fry up or a trip to KFC
"Erghh! my head, I need some bacon mate"
- "Fry up! I have some serious hangover munchies"
by irish 1990 July 30, 2009
The morning after a night out, you wake up round your friends and can't stop giggling at something that just isn't funny because you're still drunk, also can lead to getting chucked out of burger bars/cafes etc.. with the munchies
"This burger is delicious"

"HAHAHA, oh god, i've got hangover giggles"
by Irish 1990 July 30, 2009
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