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you can come here as long as u show some respect, if not then were goin fuck u up. nothing really happens during the day but in the night shit thats when everything happens..the marihuana comes, the tequila, the bitches, EVERYTHING!!! shit throw them CV's up!!!
this one fool ask this vato where he from an vato throws up the CV an says "shit im from CHANNELVIEW TEXAS, ese! Cv hasta la muerte! im down for my shit!" an the fool says "Man, Fuck Channelview!" vato starts beatin the fuck out that fool ... some other vatos in the back just watchin an one them says "man fool, i heard bout that vato..dont fuck him..he's from channelview.." the other vatos "dammmmn orale"
by irep c-view hasta lamuerte December 25, 2010
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