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16 definitions by irene

One of the shittiest professions...One that causes much depression, psychosis, anger, jealousy, frustration, and anxiety. It is extremely degrading. They never pay people what they are worth; the workers have to deal with a bunch of crap while getting paid peanuts.
I had to go to therapy after working in retail for a decade.

People treat me like I'm stupid because I work in retail.

I work at a retail job where people don't get raises, but instead there's a shitty "Employee of the Month" reward.

I work in retail; therefore, I cannot afford to pay back my student loans or take nice vacations.
by Irene October 17, 2004
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not like casual sex, its what 2 people do that really love eachother, not just another fuck...bangin wifey
Jill = Jim's wifey
Jill & Jim fuckin = makin love
Jim & tipdrill fuckin= just another fuck
by Irene April 10, 2004
653 451
Guatemala..Best Country like eva..
"Ay Yo, i want mi sum pollo Campero"
"Aitte den, lets go to Guatemala
by Irene April 19, 2005
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the act of climaxing (orgasming) and vomiting on someone at the same time.
A surprise attack.
Man! I burgled that biatch good last night! High Five!!!
by irene January 26, 2005
169 99
a generous person, bearer of good tidings, a positive influence, a guiding light, a pillar, a tower of strength
I want a limuel to get me through this trial
by Irene December 23, 2003
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boy disguising as a man, loves his girls and his shoes and his hair. and talking dirty
hey that's p-boy innit? check out the shoes
by irene November 26, 2003
20 13
Innocent, country girl way of saying penis.
Brandon, your hoodinger is huge
by Irene July 26, 2004
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