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3 definitions by iq911506

Greatest used vehicle known to man as long as it wasn't a K-9 unit and has less than 100,000 miles
did u see that awsome cop car?!?!
by iq911506 January 26, 2009
1. the word for a female mexican
2. the penis of a mexican.
1. "Did the beaness refill the toilet paper yet?"
2. "Did you see that beaness in the stall between us?" "dude, what are you, gay?"
by iq911506 November 07, 2010
Lifesaver wintergreen mints that age just a bit so they become somewhat soft and powdery. They become just as addictive as crack and once you eat one, you can't stop.
Holy Crap! You've got crackmints in your lunch! You better have brought enough for everyone.
by iq911506 April 17, 2011