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to be made pure or to be made holy.
Sanctify yourself because you are a sinner and stop sinning.
by iowasian January 11, 2010
1. a person who does not know how to say or refuse to say I.
2. a person who wants to tell someone else that they dont speak English.
Hi! me love you long time.
Sorry, me no speak Englishhhh.
by iowasian January 14, 2010
An expression of a person loosing his/her mind.
Me: Why did I bring my phone charger to work but not the phone? <-.->
by iowasian February 23, 2011
a wind instrument that's made our of wood. Very popular in Laos and Thailand
He is playing khaen and she's gonna sing some folk songs
by iowasian January 11, 2010
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