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A girl who is so ugly she looks like food fit for a dog.
Muzz "Did you see that girl I was hooking up with in town on Saturday night?" Riley "She was dog tucker mate!"
by ioscott February 26, 2009
Person who spends too much time licking a female's private parts that he/she gets no work done and is consequently failing at work/school. The person doing this would have their chin on the couch.
"That guy is always failing his courses because he spends all of his time licking box. He's a couch chin."
by ioscott February 19, 2009
Performing an act of fellatio. This could relate to humans, animals or anything with a dong.
The girls are coming over tonight to get some pole smoking lessons from yours truly. I can't wait to blow a big load on their faces.
by ioscott July 06, 2011

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